Our Team

Whitmire’s Furniture has been serving as the furniture store in Orlando people go to for decades. It is a trusted source of satisfaction to new and life long residents alike. The store has remained a locally owned and operated store and does not work on commission sales. Value is the focus and each satisfied customer means Whitmire’s Furniture takes one more step towards the American dream. These high quality pieces of furniture will serve families for many generations and Whitmire’s Furniture’s reputation will bring future generations back for like built pieces.

Mark Whitmire

team_mark_whitmire-150x150Mark Whitmire has been full time here at Whitmire’s Furniture since 1984. When he isn’t working, he can be found in the woods or on the water. A true Outdoorsman, he is our resident Hi-Tech Redneck.

Clark Whitmire


Clark Whitmire joined his brother Mark at Whitmire’s Furniture in 1984. When he isn’t here he can be found at home decorating for the next holiday.

Rob Kirkland


Rob Kirkland, a cousin to Mark and Clark, was given a summer job back in 1990 and he never quit! After completing college he came back to the family business full time. He loves spending time at the beach.


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